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Feb. 10th, 2008

vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer

Down the drain

I really need to stop procrastinating. it is really bad.

well... the scallion pancakes idea was very bad. We were out of flower and we didn;t have the onions to substitute for scallions. Oh, well.

I'm really going to try and keep up posting for a while. Let's hope, shall we?
vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer

Life, the universe and Everything

I love Chinese, I really do. But a group project? Really? (Not saying it came out badly... Because it didn't. I just wish we had had everything put together in class on friday It would have made yesterday alot less stressful.

Anyway... Hi. I habe way too many books. I kind of want to just go through and organize my bookshelf so that I don't go crazy everytime that I look for a book. I did a miniclean of my room yesterday. I organized my DVD's and I have like 15 boxed sets. Also, I found pacman and spent like an hour playing.

I'm baking scallion pancakes tonight, that should be fun. YAY... I'm really not hyper now.


Mar. 7th, 2007

vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer


It has been forever since I last posted. Since then I have gotten back into anime/manga. something I haven't done since 2nd grade.

wow. Umm... I'm going to redo this thing because it is so, so plain!!!

I have an essay due at midnight and I have yet to finish it because I decided to rewrite it at 7pm tonight. I also have to edit it and email it before midnight. 1.5 hours and counting...

Ok, yeah. need to work on that.


Nov. 26th, 2006



WHY OHWHY DO I ALWAYS READ SPOILERS!!!!!!! I honestly don't mind the tempest spoilers but I read the most evily good BSG spoiler and now I'm mad at myself!!!!!!!!!!! MUST STOP!!!!!!

No. I don't think I will.

Nov. 19th, 2006


More Randomess

It is almost turkey day!!!!!!


I have the entire week off!!!!!!!!

Woohooooo!!! But even though I have monday(27) off I have to go in for musical rehearsal. Go figure.

I'm thinking about finishing off my two SW fanfics and then starting a BSG one. Let's see if this even gets uderway before christmas.


No caffeine a consumed during the writing of this post...or before.

Nov. 17th, 2006

vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer

Les Miserables

I'm Cosette!
Sweet and sheltered, but not just another pretty face, I've overcome some tough times, and have nowhere to go but up. Only the most hardened sociopaths -- and, well, fanatical Eppie/Marius 'shippers -- have anything bad to say about me.

Which Les Miserables Character Are You?

Nov. 5th, 2006

vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer


Oh my God!!!!!! I have the fraking best star Wars spoiler in the world!!!!!!!!!1

~~ To anyone(If there is anyone) who reads this* Spoiler alert~~

Jag will be in Tempest!!!!!!!!!!

~End Spoiler~

Okay, Today's dance was kinda bad. But I just hate dances. And guys like to make fun of me so it basically sucked.


Oct. 24th, 2006

Rory and Logan


I am flashing back to 7th grades. Actually I think my grades ar worse but I actually am having no problem understanding anything. English is partly due to the fact that I haev never doen an analutical essay in my life. I just don't test well and I think my SSAT score was a fluke.

I get chinese food. Yay

Oct. 8th, 2006

vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer


Ok thsi is kinda old news.

The german- Seriously? Seriously! It was a joke. I had to learn all that german and it was an f-ing joke!!!!

Y'know before this year I would never swear this much.

I have gone shopping three times in the past two weeks. Uggs, really cute shirts and sweaters. He he I'm happy.

I was actually really worried that I would know no one. I was wrong I knew like ten ppl. And I have like actual friends now.

My feet are warm.

My picture on facebook really sucks. It's got a really weird angle.

The cut on my finger- I was cutting the absolutely delicious london broil I made on thursday and I put a little slice in my finger. I didn't stop bleeding throughout grey's anatomy!!!! Then it started bleeding again during dinner on friday.

I'm watching this weeks Numb3rs again. I seriously love David Krumholtz.

Sep. 4th, 2006

vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer

(no subject)

I start ninth grade in a new school with no friends tommorow.  I'm freaking out. I still have to finish the house on mango street. Wonderful.

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vampire, Giles, buffy, slayer

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